Why Does Natural Gas Smell Like Rotten Eggs?


One reason some people detest using cooking gas is because of it’s awful smell. such a big amount of people describe this smell as rotten eggs, while others just don’t need to return near where cooking gas is because they can’t help but throw up.

The truth about cooking gas is that it’s a awfully natural, safe, colorless and odorless product. But because it’s very very flammable, Petroleum Companies decided to come back up with the concept of adding a chemical called Mercaptan, which is additionallycalled Methanethiol to that.

What this harmless chemical does is that it makes the cooking gas to be easily detected even from afar if there’s any gas leakage. This harmless chemical smells like rotten eggs or fart and provokes us to detect any possible danger and take safety precautions immediately.

So when next you perceive any awful smell around you, or from your gas cylinder, or your stove, PLEASE, don’t spark any flame. What you will need to do in this case is open your kitchen back door and window in order that there will be ventilation. Then attempt to trace where the odor is coming from and rectify it.

If you can not trace the odor, then you need to call someone who may be a specialist within the gas field to test it out for you. If mistakenly there’s a hearth outbreak, quickly get your device to place out the fireplace. If there are not any fire extinguishers around you, quickly soak a really big towel in water and spread it on top the hearth very quickly with CAUTION!

Try to be safe out there and observe all safety precautions when using cooking gas for more enjoyable experience.


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