what do you do if your girlfriend cheats on you?


You found out she cheated on you. Being betrayed by your girlfriend is one of the most painful experiences anyone can have. When another man hits you, that wound heals, but when your woman cheats on you, she leaves you in pieces. Being betrayed is as if she tells you: you are not good enough even to be faithful. When your woman cheats on you, the only thing that gives you great satisfaction is to leave her. If a woman has cheated on you, there is something wrong, but you are not the wrong one. Here you find out what to do when she cheats on you:

1. Respond with class and indifference.

 I know you want to take revenge; revenge can take many forms: you can send her away from your house, in case she lives with you; sleeping with her best friend; throw her things away … you can find a thousand different ways to punish her. She may justify something unjustifiable, but revenge is much sweeter when you react with class and indifference.

2. Do not look for the reasons for the betrayal. 

Some men look for the reasons why she cheated; what went wrong? Some blame themselves for not being more present or more attractive. Don’t think about why she cheated on you or what you did wrong to get into this situation. There is no excuse for a woman who cheats; no one deserves to be cheated on.

3. You don’t need to know anything else for your happiness. 

Some men punish themselves by latching onto the detective attitude to find out how many times they have been betrayed without knowing it. To think back to all the times she didn’t answer, that she said to go out with her friends and then all evening she hasn’t written a message, how this lover satisfies her in bed … bad. Please don’t ask for anything, and don’t let her say it. It’s enough for you to know that she cheated on you once and stop asking any more questions.

4. Don’t denigrate her in front of your friends. 

Maybe friends and family will ask you about the details of your breakup. Do you need to relive this hurt again? Nobody needs to know the details of your breakup. A simple “it didn’t work” will suffice. Some people become energized and long for the unhappiness of others. You don’t need to explain anything to your friends, even if you care about those people, don’t let anyone get attached to your pain. Keep it to yourself, or just talk to a very close friend. You don’t need anyone’s pity!

5. Stop thinking that all women are the same. 

Sometimes, when someone cheats on us, we carry this wound into the next relationship as well. Maybe you also think that all women are the same. You should understand that all women are different. Just because a woman cheated on you doesn’t mean the next girl will do the same. It’s natural to be afraid, but if you carry the past into your new relationship, you miss out on the beauty of the new story.

6. Build your self-respect. 

When a woman cheats on you, it can be a very hard blow to your ego. When you are cheated on by the woman you want, you have a hard pill to swallow. Take time after a breakup to rebuild your self-esteem. Become the best version of yourself, start going to the gym, change your look, sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time to attend. Just because a woman has cheated on you doesn’t mean your life can’t become more wonderful than before.

7. Learn from your mistakes. 

Learning from the past can help you avoid problems in your future story. If she laughed and told you that she cheated on her life on first dates on first dates, take this as a wake-up call. Try first to get to know her and understand how her past relationships have gone before building a relationship with her.



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