Unconventional foods that Nigerians eat


Here is a list of animals and other things you probably didn’t know Nigerians enjoy cooking and eating. Which of them have you had?

1. Snakes

Apparently, snakes taste like fish. They are well-seasoned, roasted or fried. People aren’t afraid of the fangs and venom, neither are they afraid of the cold blooded slimy animal.


2. Monkey

Even though monkeys and apes are like second cousins to human beings, some Nigerians have no problem cutting up these species and making a bubbling pot of stew with them. Monkeys as meat are discouraged as they are said to be one way that the ebola virus is spread.

3. Winged termites

Termites, often known as “esusu” and “chinge”, are a common snack for some parts of Nigeria and are one of the weird things Nigerians eat. These insects come out en masse when the rains start and are fond of circling around any source of light that they see. Nigerians pack them, wash, salt and roast them inside a pot.

4. Bat

Apparently, a lot of Nigerians enjoy bat meat. The winged mammals are a delicacy in certain places and you can even get some to buy on the expressway from those selling ‘bush meat’. They are also discouraged as they are speculated to be one form that the ebola virus is spread.

5. Dog meat

While the rest of the world believes that dog is man’s best friend, some Nigerians, particularly Calabar and Ondo people see the animal as a delicacy. A dog is not necessarily meant to be a pet or guard the house, sometimes it is just a good source of protein.

6. Palm weevil larvae

After harvesting palm wine from the palm tree, the tree is left to rot and later produces some kind of big worms popularly known as “Akokuno”. These worms are roasted and eaten as a delicacy.

7. Grasshoppers

Hunting grasshoppers is a favourite pastime for children in rural areas. They can be fried, boiled, salted, or sun-dried.



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