Suicide is not an option


A young lady was denied of attention, she cried, she wailed, she almost died, but then she keeps going, all her parent ever gave her was money, they never gave her attention,and all she needed was attention, she never got ig.she didn’t felt the love of her mother,nor her father’s.

She ran to friends, they advice her and introduce her into a wild world. Then her parents became the victim of her circumstances.

She started different guys, not because of money but for fun. She is getting addicted to a wild life,she is getting addicted to all sort of terrible things.

A day came and she was confirmed of being pregnant, she cried her eyes out,she went to her mom and she was denied of attention,she went to her dad and she was denied of attention, she went to her friends and she was given an attention,and her friend’s opinion was she aborting her pregnancy which she did, she got used to that method too,and she ended up aborting pregnancies.

Until she tested positive to HIV, she promised not to disappoint, I guess she broke her vows,

For the last time she ran to her parents and she was denied of attention, her friends avoided too. Now she is left alone with her thoughts.

She then commit suicides!!!

Suicide is not an option say no to suicide!, no matter what you going through in life, according to an adage that says as far there is life there is hope



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