‘Stop kissing your kids in the mouth’ – Actress Anita Joseph warns parents


Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has issued a strong warning to parents who are in the habit of kissing their children in the mouth.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, the actress said it is not hygienic to kiss a child in the mouth.

According to the actress, children should be pecked on the cheek and not kissed because their immune system is susceptible to infection.

Anita Joseph added that kissing a child or toddler shows how dirty a parent is to the child.

Some social media users who reacted applauded the actress for the advice saying many microbes in an adult’s mouth can be transmitted to children.

express_fabrics: She is damn right……these little ones are tender and are very sensitive…… yes we love but let’s show this love other ways,rather than kissing in the mouth.

askdrchi: that there are a huge number of microbes in our mouths that may not infect adults, but can be transmitted to children and harm them greatly. And since the child has a weaker immune system, some dangerous infections can enter their body through saliva.

samsiiiie: She is saying nothing but the truth. Most children are not born with Herpes virus : cause of cold sores or the famous fever blisters.

They are inoculated by adults in childhood and worse off a child who doesn’t have a strong immune system can have the virus travelling to the brain.

But no they won’t hear.

Keep kissing newborns and kids on the mouth. 😢


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