Stop attaching importance to marriage, it‘s not a big deal – Tacha


Nigerian Reality Star, Natacha Akide, has advised her followers against attaching too much importance to marriage because it is not a big deal.

According to Tacha, there is more to life than putting the need to get married first.

In her words:

“stop pushing the Narrative that women need this “Marriage” thing more. It’s not a BIG deal!! And I hate the fact we’ve been Brainwashed over time.

Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a PRIORITY. It is not a DO/DIE AFFAIR! Y’all just stop attaching this much important to the “union”. It is RINGS and 2Adults. IT IS NOT A PRIORITY. The Lame Ass mentality needs to STOP!

Y’all there’s so much more to this LIFE than 2Rings and 2Adults. I Beg you! If it isn’t working “LEAVE!”



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