Signs Your Ex Still Loves You


Sometimes breakups happen, and one partner remains stuck. You want to move on but can’t seem to do so as you still have some feelings for your ex. You want to go back to your ex but hold back as you doubt if they still feel the same.

It’s easier to win him back when you are certain they still feel the same and also want to be with you.

If you ever need to be sure, here are signs you can always look out for:

1) He Calls You Out of the Blues Just to Chat

Another sign your ex still loves you could be him calling unexpectedly. These calls could be random and come when you least expect. It could be he’s been having a battle with his will not to call and finally lost.

2) Your Mutual Friends Tell You He Talks About You All the Time

If your ex still has the hots for you, you will get to now from your mutual friends as his conversions will be filled with talks of you.

3) He Still Texts You

Another way to find out if your ex still loves is that he will text you occasionally or a lot. This won’t be the regular text some people send to their ex every once in a while but would be one with a nostalgic undertone.

If this happens a lot, then it’s clear your ex misses you and what you both shared.

4) His New Girlfriend Looks a Lot Like You

If your ex is still hung up over you, then he will likely compare every new girl to you. In the same light, he will get attracted to girls who share some similarities with you.

So, if you run into him at the mall with a girl who could be your doppelganger, then that could be a sign he’s not quite over you.

5) He Still Keeps In Touch With Important People in Your Life

Yet another glaring sign your ex still loves you is that he keeps in touch with key people in your life.

Since you still matter to him, these people do too, and he’ll be reluctant to severe these relationships.

If you find out for certain your ex still loves you and wants to get back together, you might want to do a few of the following:

1) It would be best to find out if what broke you up is still the picture, so you know how to proceed from there.

2) You both might need to have a heart to heart to discuss the way forward, especially how to guard against that issue that split you both in the first place.

3) You might need to thread the waters softly; take things a slow for the first few weeks while you both work out any lingering issues, so you don’t get to that bad point again.


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