Prophet Oladele Israel’s Bail Not on Ground of Any ill-health or Sickness, Church Reacts to Media Reports


Prophet Oladele Israel’s Bail Not on Ground of Any ill-health or Sickness, Church Reacts to Media Reports


Calvary greetings to you all in Jesus name.

It is with joy and ecstasy that I speak to u today, While also expressing ourheart felt gratitude to God the giver of life,for his mercy and protection over his church.

I appreciate members of Genesis Global family home and Abroad, friends and well wishers, for standing by us through the trying times and even till this season of triumph. My prayer is that the blessings of Calvary is bestowed upon us in Jesus name.


More so, I thank God for the timely release of our father, prophet Oladele Isreal Ogundipe from the correctional centre on bail,He is indeed an unfailing God, may his name be praised forever. Amen.

However, contrary to recent news stated by some media organizations which has brought about misinformation to the general public about the release of prophet Oladele stating that he was released due to ill health conditions such as Diabetics, ulcer, hypertension among others .

Kindly note that these assertions are wrong and were never the reasons why he was granted bail.

For purpose of clarity, the basis were

1. EVIDENCE OF GOOD BEHAVIOR : The Court in granting Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe bail considered the fact that throughout the 11 years of trial at the High Court, it was reaffirmed that prophet Isreal Oladele Ogundipe had never missed a session of all the court sessions. He has always made himself available in court as at when due. This fact made the Court of Appeal justices to hold that the man of God was not a flight risk.

2. CONGESTION OF CASES IN APPELLATE COURT: The Court of Appeal took judicial notice of the fact that there are over 4000 Appeals with over 6000 motions currently pending before the Court of Appeal, Lagos. The court agreed with the Appellant that it may take months or years before prophet Israel Ogundipe’s appeal may be heard, and that the Prophet would have served the full sentence or a substantial part of it. The judge therefore was of the opinion that restraining and incancerating the Man of God at the correctional centre for so long will be tantamount to double punishment especially when the judgement of the High Court had being appealed.

3. INJUSTICE: The lead judge was very sensitive to the doctrine of justice delayed is justice denied. The appellate court was of the opinion that it will amount to high level of injustice if prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe was not granted bail but made to complete the serving of the judgement time at the correctional centre. Peradventure the prophet is freed from all convictions when the case comes up , he would have been punished for offence not committed.

To the glory of God, the prophet is fine, in good health, hale , hearty and in sound mind.

Finally, our collective strength remains the UNSHAKABLE FAITH in God, from whom prophet ISREAL OLADELE OGUNDIPE derives his passion, vision , wisdom and Glory. The unstoppable God of Genesis.

Thank You and God bless.


Mr Gbolahan Ashorobi

P.R.O Genesis Global…


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