Nigerian youths now take processed urine to feel high – NDLEA


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has uncovered another medication Nigerian young people take to feel inebriated.

Shehu Dankolo, Head of Drug Reduction of the NDLEA in Adamawa State uncovered that some Nigerian young people currently take prepared pee to feel “high” as the restriction on some manhandled medications have made them generally costly.

“There are sure controlled medications, especially codeine hack syrup. You know, government cinched earnestly on them. A portion of the organizations shut down. Along these lines, the hack syrup that was at first N250 per bottle, however it is presently sold for about N4,000. Something very similar with tramadol which was N50 however is currently about N500.

“Since these manhandled yet prohibited medications are so rare and exorbitant or completely distant, individuals ad lib different things. I wo exclude so much detail with the goal that individuals don’t peruse this and start to try.

“There is a way they process pee. They take it and become inebriated. There is a way they placed maggi in some caffeinated beverages and it gives them inebriation. There is a sure sweet they put fifty-fifty restrain of water which they spread and leave for some days. They structure such different things. There are what we call new psychoactive substances. That is the reason medication misuse is hard to handle” he revealed to Daily Post.


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