Nigerian woman found love at 47, got married at 48 and gave birth to a baby boy before her 50th birthday


A Nigerian woman, named Ladunni Idowu Giwa-Osagie, is currently basking in euphoria as she welcomes her first child at almost age 50.


Ladun met her husband, Aigbovo-Giwa-Osagie when she turned 47, they tied the knot when she turned 48, she became pregnant at 49 and gave birth to a baby boy on June 25th, 2021, just before her 50th birthday.

This heartwarming testimony was shared online by Ladun’s friend, Ifeanyi Omeni on Monday, June 28.

Read part of what she wrote below,

“Was I thrilled that day in the year 2019, when she sent the message to the WhatsApp group.

‘I, Oladunni Idowu, finally found love at 47. Join me in appreciating God for his faithfulness and mercy. Indeed, delay is not denial.’

Her words of encouragement and inspiration brought to life dead dreams and shrivelled hopes. The members of the Mature Christian Singles celebrated one of their own, Ladunni, whose story of triumph made many believe in the message of an on-time God.

Ladunni’s story follows a trail of triumph. Of a lady who found love at 47, married at 48, got pregnant at age 49 and just before her 50th birthday, gave birth to a baby boy called Osarumuwese – The Lord has done me well; Oluwaseyitanfunmi – the Lord has done this for me in full and Nosakhare – God’s Will.

On 25th June 2021, Ladunni took a rapid leap unto the 5th floor as the mother of a baby boy.

I present the GOLDEN GLADIATOR, LADUNNI GIWA-OSAGIE, whose story has proved the biblical saying that weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Ladunni’s marriage to Aigbovo Giwa-Osagie, whom I call the husband of the year, is an encouragement to those Christian sisters who are beckoning at compromise, because they feel that God has forgotten them and they want to ‘help’ themselves.

The Gap-tooth Queen has changed address and has made many ladies dress their lives with hope.”

See her post below,


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