Nigerian lady slaps manager of her boyfriend’s restaurant because she wasn’t given free food


A Nigerian man known on Twitter as @SayoIroko has narrated how mixing romance with business caused chaos at his friend’s restaurant.

According to the man, his friend’s girlfriend always eat at her boyfriend’s restaurant without paying.

After she became very comfortable with the whole arrangement, she started bringing two of her friends along to enjoy the privilege but the restaurant manager was not comfortable with it.

This one time, the manager insisted that they must pay before they are attended to. Things degenerated quite fast and she slapped the manager.

The staff then locked their boss’ girlfriend and her friends in the restaurant. The owner arrived at the place 45 minutes after the incident started and scolded his woman.

But it did not end there as she brought police men the next day to arrest the manager for kidnapping

Read his post below:

”My friend owns a restaurant in Lagos, his girlfriend goes there to eat and because “iyawo oga” she won’t pay many times, then she started bringing 2 of her friends, my guy started complaining “you can’t be doing this bla bla”

..yesterday she went as usual with her two friends, the manager told her she has to pay for the food before they serve them because she and her friends just leave many times without paying, an argument ensued, she slapped the manager.

” after she slapped the manager kasala beaux, the staff faced her two friends, the manager locked her in the restaurant as they were the only ones in at the time.

”My friend “Oga” eventually came after like 45 minutes, manager say he no dey do again, oga dey apologise give manager dey tell een babe “I’m disappointed” in you. This morning one of the babe friends go use police arrest the manager say he push her and for “kidnapping”

..because he and the staff locked them in against their will, dem don bail manager but manager dey vex say he must arrest oga babe too, yesterday’s apology has expired 😂


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