“My virginity will keep my man in marriage, he would be so proud of me” – Actress Utalor claims


Nigerian actress, Olive Utalor, during an interview with Inside Nollywood on Saturday, November 14, has stated that she has all it takes to keep a man in marriage, emphasizing on her virginity as what it takes as it is not easy to keep her virginity this long.

The actress hinted that her virginity would be presented as a special gift to her husband on their wedding night. According to her, she is not scared of facing marriage as an actress, owing to the popular notion that Nollywood actresses don’t last in their marriages.

She said;

“My husband will be so proud of me for keeping my virginity till marriage. You can see I have all it takes to keep a man. It’s not easy keeping my virginity till this time, I’m so proud of myself. And I am not scared of marriage as an actress. I was raised to face challenges squarely.

When I make any commitment, I put all my best in it, because to me, failing is not an option. Besides, marriage is a union of two people coming together to pledge their love for each other, and promise to stand together through thick and thin. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I know my marriage will flourish.”


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