My Legislative Agenda Will Focus On Infrastructural Development, Employment, Power Generation, Others, If Elected – Mr Shonubi, AAC Lagos East Senatorial Candidate


The Lagos East Senatorial Candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Mr Francis Mani Shonubi has stated that he would focus on bills and motions that will facilitate infrastructural development, employment, power generation and others if elected in the coming general elections.

He made this revelation during an interactive session on THE IMPACT Newspaper’s WhatsApp platform recently.

“As a senator, I would sponsor bills and motions that will facilitate infrastructural development as a precursor for job creation and revenue generation”.

He also revealed other agenda he plans to execute if elected to represent the people of the Lagos East Senatorial District in the National Assembly at the poll.

“I’m looking at the following areas; tourism, power generation, education and job creation and above all, we need bills and laws that will deliver the dividends of democracy for the good people of Lagos East. I’m also ready to lobby for the good of my people”, Mr Shonubi said.

He stated that he is going to sponsor bills on environment that will guide against the effect of the Dangote refinery and also sponsors industrial park bill to encourage more industrial parks.

“If elected, I will sponsor Environmental bill that will ensure the cleaning up and sustaining of tourism potential in Epe and Ibeju Lekki axis as a result the refinery that is coming up in that axis.

“Also, I will sponsor bill on more industrial parks like current Lekki Free Trade Zone within Epe, and Imota axis to mention a few”.

As a senator, Shonubi also stated that he will lobby for more market friendly bills.

”Nigeria capital market is one of the best markets in the world and what happened in 2009 is a global melt down and Nigeria is not left behind in the crashes and when elected as a senator, I will lobby for a more market friendly bills that will open the market to the Nigerian populace.

“Security Exchange Commission regulate the activities of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, as a senator, I will lobby for a more market friendly bills that will bring smile to the Nigerian investors”.

He equally revealed his party’s plans and promised to work towards there execution within his first year in office.

“Our plans will provide the following benefits within a single term of office and also provides a platform for growth that future governments can leverage upon.

“Expand economic growth and create 5 million new jobs across various sectors and by extension, youths in my district will benefit from it.

“Expand Nigeria’s power generation and transmission infrastructure to provide an additional 17,000 MW of energy.

“Expand Nigeria’s road and rail infrastructure to unleash productivity and growth.

“Enhance health care access for all Nigerians with Universal Basic Health Coverage.

“Provide access to affordable housing for 17 million Nigerian households.

“Pay Workers and Youth Corpers a living wage by establishing a Federal Minimum Wage of N100,000.

Shonubi added that he will work towards generating 20, 000 employment opportunities in the new Lagos project.

“Furthermore, we have a vast opportunity now in the new Lagos project in Ibeju Lekki axis. This area can employ over 20,000 jobs in 4 years. Lagos free trade zone and Dangote refinery will naturally drive the economy of this region.

“Mind you, people are already moving into this area and more investment will drive job creation and our youths will benefit from this investment. Exchange programs will be introduced and this will enhance their skill acquisition.

“We will also train youths to be employable, and also ensure that youths from our district are topmost on the list for employment”.

Allaying fear of failure of implementation of plans when elected into the office which is common with Nigerian politicians, the Senatorial candidate stated that he and his party will lead by example in implementing his agenda.

“We know that there is issue with implementation, however, we want to lead by example”.

Still unveiling his agenda for job creation and youth empowerment in his senatorial district, Mr Shonubi stated:

“We want to organise training centers in our district where youths will be trained and issued certificate, and we want to work with companies within our district who will help absorb these youths and give them jobs upon completion of their programs.

“Just like NYSC scheme, we are coming up with a system that will train youths in basic areas of immediate needs such as construction, transportation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), etc”, he pledged.

“In addition to that, areas with agriculture potentials in rice farming such as Agbowa and Itoikin will be harnessed to full capacity too”.

Shonubi, who said he has passion to serve his people, added that he will be the voice of his people when elected.

“I have passion to serve my people and I see myself as a true reflection of the people. I chose to contest for the Senatorial seat under AAC to represent my constituency at the hallow chamber.

“Our people need a servant leader they can trust with their votes and I’m ready to be their voice at the Senate.

“We are coming to hand over power to the people because that is the true democracy.

“By the grace of God, I understand the pain of my people, I lived most part of my adult life in Lagos, and I have contributed immensely to human capital development.

“No more paying lip service, now, Nigerians have credible options to lead them in 2019. I worked with the grassroots and gained both local, national and international recognition and this platform is going to enable me to give back to my state and by extension, my country”.

More so, the senatorial candidate unveiled his agenda for the healthcare service and development of water transportation which he said would reduce pressure on the road transportation facilities.

Source: theimpactnewspaper


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