Men should pay their wives to birth their children — Mungu


A lady on Twitter known as Kifo Mungu has shared her ‘feelings’ on the micro-blogging platform and it has stirred a deep conversation.

Her post on Twitter reads ;

I feel like men should pay their wives to birth their children just like they would with a surrogate.

Some Netizens agreed with her but others were quick to shut her down, saying she made no sense.

See comments below ;

Remi wrote ;

Its very hard to continually get mad at people’s thought process on this app because you can’t educate everybody. You can try, but there’s almost no end to people’s stupidity.

Odogwu wrote ;

So basically Baby Mama’s? That’s fine then if she also is ready to be treated like a Baby Mama. Basically just sign a contract then & make it Legal so we know it’s a Paid Job & you not my Wife

Khan wrote ;

How did you come up with this thought process? Pay their wife to birth their children. Not OUR children again?

Then let’s cancel the concept of marriage let it be strictly busin

Samalia wrote ;

Is good to know that you only “feel like”

Some women will spew out non-sense thinking they are woke.

This is what happens when oloshing has become their way of life.

I pity our generation.


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