Lawyer set to quit legal profession after making N10,000 driving taxi in a day


A Nigerian lawyer is considered quitting his legal profession after he made N10,000 in a single day using his car as taxi.

The lawyer took to Twitter to reveal that he made a gain of 10, 000 Naira from the day’s job, which was the target he set for himself for the day.

His full tweet;

So, I went out to find urgent 2kSmiling face with sunglasses doing taxi again today. My target was 10k and I made it. This is roughly 9k. I used 1k to buy 2 sticks of suya and 1 bullet to use and calm downSmiling face with sunglasses… Be like say I go soon leave lawyer work o.Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

His tweet which has now gone viral as people are discussing how little most lawyers are paid in Nigeria.

See his tweet below:



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