Lagos state government orders closure of all markets except those selling food and other essentials


Today, we are taking further measures and giving new directives and guidelines to stop the spread of #COVID19 in our state. All open markets and stores are to close for 7 days, except for sellers of food, medicines, medical equipment and other essential life-saving products.

This directive takes effect from Thursday. We are also opening 7 additional isolation centres to deal with cases.

The Chief Judge of Lagos has been directed to ensure that courts in the state close immediately to the public and all court sittings should be suspended.

All public parks, including those in private and residential estates, swimming pools, gyms, beauty salons, and all such public places are expected to shut down at this time, until further notice.

Lagos has always shown incredible strength and resilience in the face of many challenges, and this is what makes us different as a people. I am assured that we will win this battle, with your support and confidence and most importantly by the special grace of the Almighty God.


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