Lagos anchorage officials caught stowaways hiding at rudder of a ship heading for Spain (video)


Some stowaways have been caught while hiding at the rudder of a ship heading for Spain

A video and photos making round on social media captures the moment the young men were nabbed by Lagos anchorage officials.

A voice making commentary in the background of the video revealed that the incident occurred at Lagos anchorage unit.

See photos and video below,

Social media users have reacted to the video and commented on the extreme lengths Nigerians are willing to go to leave the country.

See comments below,

attorneyamudi_nyc; “When people are willing to die to escape a place, it speaks about their misery more than their Courage.”

moorkingskas; “Wow how do they think they will survive this!!! One huge wave at ocean and they are all gone forever!!!’ Why 😣😣😣😣😣”



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