I flew from America to Nigeria to meet my man, he dumped me the next day – Lady narrates


A US-based Nigerian lady simply known as Kachi has shared an experience regarding a heartbreak that devastated her.

According to Kachi, she and her man who resides in Nigeria had a subtle fight, so she decided to fly down during the holiday so they can settle their issues.

But she did not expect the event that followed as he broke up with her a day after she landed Nigeria from America.

She revealed that he broke up with her over the phone and she even cried during her flight back to the United States.

Sharing the story on Twitter, Kachi wrote;

“Me that flew from America to Nigeria during spring break cause I wanted to settle fight between me and man(he caused the fight) unku broke up with me the next day after I landed, few days later I had to come back to America. I will never forget how much I cried inside that plane

He actually broke up with me over the phone and when I got back to base, baba texted me “how was your trip?” and me mumu I replied “fine” if I had saved that ticket money, I for don build house by now.”



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