Husband of blue-eyed Kwara woman resurfaces, reveals he didn’t abandon his wife but her ‘waywardness’ made her unable to submit to him


The husband of the Kwara woman who went viral due to her and her daughters’ blue eyes, has spoken out.

Recall that the wife, Risikat Azeez said her husband had no problem with the color of her eyes but he started acting out after she gave birth to blue-eyed daughters. She alleged that he would go away home for days and wouldn’t provide for them, so she had to maneuver back in along with her parents. She added that the person never returned for her or their kids since then.

However, the husband, Wasiu Omo-Dada has denied the report.

Speaking to Punch, he stated that he met his wife along with her blue eyes and loved her that way. He denied reports that he started acting out after his parents made a degrading statement about his kids.

Wasiu said his wife left thanks to her “waywardness”. He said she disrespected him at will while he treated her well and always provided for her. He added that he bought snacks for her daily on his way back from work as if she were a brand new bride, but she wasn’t satisfied.

He said she wanted more and put his children’s photo online, begging for help from strangers.

He denied reports that he didn’t provide the medical bills when his wife visited the hospital to own their kids. He said he still provides for them till date while they’re separated.

He says that just about every two week, he takes buckets of rice, beans, bread, and more to his in-laws’ home for his wife and youngsters. He added that he buys his daughters expensive clothes.

However, Risikat’s mother debunked his claims. She said her son-in-law never took care of her daughter and grandchildren. She said it need to bad that her daughter was looking emaciated so she asked them to come back home.

She said she invited her son-in-law, Wasiu for a one-on-one meeting but he was rude to her and never apologized.

She said that after her daughter had her first child and also the baby was blue-eyed, her son-in-law started misbehaving, in order that they separated briefly and her daughter returned home.

Later, he came to beg so that they allowed him return along with his wife.

Risikat’s mother said she begged the elders to let her daughter return to her marriage because she didn’t want her daughter to own children by different men. She added that she had all her kids by one man and he or she wanted same for her daughter.

However, when Risikat was pregnant again, he started acting out and can leave the house for days, without dropping money for his family to feed, Risikat’s mother claimed.

She said that she had to intervene and provided her daughter’s hospital bills.

She added that when her daughter gave birth, it had been twins. Taiwo had brown eyes and Kehinde had blue eyes. Unfortunately, Taiwo died at four months old.

Risikat’s mother said her son-in-law’s father then asked him if this can be how he’s visiting keep having blue-eyed kids. She added that Wasiu’s father said his grandchildren’s eyes scare him and that is why he doesn’t carry them.

She said the statement made Wasiu’s behavior worse.

She said that as a mother, she wants her daughter to possess a successful marriage but what she wants more is for her daughter to be alive. As she doesn’t want to fulfill her daughter’s corpse, she said she went and packed her daughter’s things from her matrimonial home and brought her home.

Speaking, Wasiu denied his mother-in-law’s claims and swore that his parents never hated his daughters’ eyes. He also swore that he never starved his wife and daughters.

He said that his wife has always wanted the massive life. He added that she maltreated him and wouldn’t give him food when she cooks. He said that when he goes dead set buy bread and tries to require stew from the pot, Risikat will seize his plate, forcing him to eat his bread with water.

Reacting to the Kwara State First Lady’s decide to reunite the husband and wife, Risikat’s mother said it’s her dream for her daughter to be happily married but she doubts if Wasiu will ever make her daughter happy. She said she hopes that God will give her daughter the correct man for her.

On his part, Wasiu said he doubts if Risikat will ever be able to tolerate him. He said he believes that whether or not they reconcile, her bad behaviour will continue.

As for Risikat, she said it’s up to God to make a decision if there will be a reconciliation.


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