How Comedian Bovi Saved Me From Public Embarrassment When My Period Came – Kate Henshaw Recounts


Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has narrated a touching story of how popular comedian, Bovi, saved her from getting embarrassed in public some years back.

Celebrating Bovi’s birthday today September 25, on her Instagram page, Kate Henshaw revealed that she was hosting an event in Warri together with Bovi who was her co-host and her period suddenly came leaving a stain on her outfit.

According to the delectable movie star, when Bovi noticed what had happened, he quickly gave her his jacket to cover it thereby saving her from public embarrassment.

Kate Henshaw called Bovi ‘Hero’ and claimed that sensational stand up comedian did not want her to share the story.

Excerpts from her caption read:

“Thank you for that day many years ago. God will not cause shame to be your portion! You will go from strength to strength. As the mountains surround Jerusalem so shall His favour be a cloak around!! I celebrate you today and always. Lots of love.”


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