DSS arrest former Politics Editor of Daily Trust newspaper, Ibrahim Dan-Halil over Facebook post ‘supporting’ #RevolutionNow protest


Ibrahim Dan-Halilu, the previous Politics Editor at Daily Trust paper has been captured by agents of the Department for Security Service (DSS) in Kaduna for supposedly supporting the exercises of #RevolutionNow challenge in a Facebook post.

As indicated by a report by Vanguard, Dan-Halilu a previous staunch supporter of President Buhari before the 2015 races was at one time a specialized pro with USAID, Information Assistant at the US Embassy and a Regional Communication Specialist for Family Health.

Agents of DSS, raged Dan-Halilu’s living arrangement in Rigachikun, Kaduna State and whisked him away. Dan-Halilu posted on his Facebook course of events that he embraced and bolstered the exercises of #RevolutionNow.

The post understands: “I believe I should share since it impacts me. In the event that impacts you as well, if it’s not too much trouble share until every single persecuted individuals of Nigeria get the message and tame it. This is #Not the Nigeria of My Dream.

“Someone asked me for what good reason we need an unrest now, this was my answer: The point of the upheaval is to challenge the extraordinary hardship why we have 16m youngsters in the city; challenge why we have turned into the destitution capital of the world; challenge why we have 20 people with degenerate cases as government administrators and would-be Ministers.

“We have to rebuild the nation. We have to put a conclusion to trillions spent on power while we live in obscurity and pay assessed bill for power and meters. For what reason do we have enormous oil saves yet our treatment facilities are dead and we are re-bringing in what we traded as unrefined petroleum? The time has come to inquire as to why those in government travel abroad for medicinal consideration when they have left our clinics weather beaten; why they send their youngsters to class abroad when our kids learn under mango trees.

“We are rebelling against the proceeding with killings that have left 20,000 Nigerians dead while those in office move around under state paid security and sit idle. We are rebelling against the in light of the fact that over a thousand Nigerians fighters executed by Boko Haram have been furtively covered without recognizable graves, poise or respect. $16m was purportedly spent on mosquito nets yet our kids kick the bucket every day from intestinal sickness. $320m Abacha plunder was purportedly disseminated to poor people. Where is the unquestionable rundown? N500bn was purportedly disseminated to the poor as supposed Trader-moni. Where is the undeniable rundown?

“… With heavenly effortlessness, God gave us around 40 normal assets spread over the length and expansiveness of the nation. No nation on mother earth is as honored! The people pulverizing Nigeria all through government are under 10,000. For to what extent will the 201 million of us be quiet? Until the end of time? It will be sheer ineptitude and extremely unjustifiable of us to be quiet and grant the present sorry Nigeria to our youngsters. For to what extent will we keep on suffering awful initiative from declaration counterfeiters, decision riggers, ritualists and yippee government officials, trusting upon trust in a superior tomorrow when things deteriorate continuously? We are too rich to be in any way poor. We are too honored to even think about being a joke of the world!!! No!!!”


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