Don’t turn Nigeria to a battle ground following Shi;ites proscription- group warns Saudi Arabia, Iran


The Al-Thaqalayn Cultural Foundation, a Shi’ite association situated in Kaduna state, has cautioned Saudi Arabia and Iran not to transform Nigeria into a combat area following the ban of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria otherwise known as Shi’ites by the Federal government.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been thoughtful to the predicaments of Shiites in Nigeria. Muslims in the two nations have arranged challenges sooner or later requesting the arrival of confined pioneer of the gathering, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky,

Tending to a question and answer session in Kaduna yesterday July 30th, the Secretary-General of Al-Thaqalayn, Sheik Hamza Lawal, said the Islamic Movement of Nigeria does not speak to what Shiism is about.

“We encourage the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia to halt from making Nigeria another proving ground of their battle for provincial matchless quality. We appreciate our tranquility. We don’t need Nigeria to turn into a battlefield by these two arms of Islam. Saudi Arabia speaking to the Sunni arm and Iran speaking to the Shii arm. We don’t need internationalization of the war on fear. We need the power of Nigeria to be secured.

We in Nigeria will probably take care of our issues inside. We don’t need any impact from either Iran or Saudi Arabia. Enough of the bad faith, self-centeredness and partisanship. We are all in this together and if Nigeria sinks, we will sink together and in the event that it glides, we will all buoy together. So the Sunnis and the Shiite, need to as matter of need, not of a decision, concede to this basic understanding that we needn’t bother with Saudi Arabia politically. We needn’t bother with Iran politically” he cautioned

Lawal blamed El Zakzaky for bad faith saying he doesn’t speak to Shiism.

“I was an individual from the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) somewhere in the range of 1981 and 2000 one year I returned home from Islamic Public of Iran where I had considered religious philosophy. IMN began in the late 1970s as a Socio-social and political-religious Pentecostal development drawing its motivation and taking its hint from basically Sunni activism from nations like Egypt and Pakistan. It was a branch of Muslim understudies society.

At the point when the pioneer of IMN, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky turned into a Shi’ite thereafter, he fell into the predicament of either deserting his Sunnite evangelist development and taking a chance with the likelihood of losing his supporters or proceeding with the development with every one of the Sunni’s substance however with a Shi’ite face. He picked the last mentioned and that has been his on-doing. Sheik Zakzaky has not had the option to finish his procedure of relocation from Sunni activism to Shi’ite evangelism. His development is an inquisitive half and half and hard blend invention, a hazardously unsteady mixed drink of incomprehensible and disarranged mental trips and dreams that solitary exist in their most extravagant fantasies.

Truth be told, when basic investigation of IMN is done, it later turned out that it is considerably more closer to Sunni Islam. IMN isn’t another name for Shiism. The two are neither synonymous nor tradable. IMN isn’t a Shi’ite association. Truly, a significant number of its volunteers are Shi’ites, at the same time, there are numerous others likewise who are Sunnis and Christians. It is a development. Truly, a portion of its pioneers appear to the general population in formal attire of Shi’ite pastors. Be that as it may, that is the place it stops. IMN isn’t certifiable. It is phony. It is an awful item and un-attractive one so far as that is concerned. IMN is an inappropriate ad duplicate. IMN has slammed the entryway of Shiism. Mentally and logically, he isn’t grounded in Shiism. He would have relinquished the battle totally and become a totally new individual. He should now change from activism to evangelism. In any case, he has not had the option to switch up till now. Along these lines, this stance, this thing you find in the road of Abuja, Kaduna and everywhere, they are not Shiism. They are only a concealment and a smokescreen for El-Zakzaky to keep on keeping up his followership.

We at Al-Thaqalayn Cultural Foundation, feel undermined by the advancement. We likewise believed= that it is a shame to our Shi’ite character and qualifications. A risk to our religion survival and a distortion of what we are as Nigerian natives who acknowledge the standard of law” he expressed


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