About Us

Ogatv  is a digital news platform, strategically focused on identifying, bringing into limelight the eluded Viral gists in every news

We  bring to your home the latest update on sport, entertainment, gossip, politics, religion, tradition and lots more….

We are a modern media house with a different view of news gathering and delivery. We are aware of the fake news trend in the online media and have taken up the challenge to correct this unpleasant  trend.

News – We monitor, analyse and report on Political, Sports, financial, entertainment information and news, as well as, provide insights into the associated implications for businesses and individuals.

Our team of analysts dissect the news and provide our readers with in-depth analytics of how daily financial information may impact their financial status. In this interconnected world, full of cause and effect, information has become the most sought after commodity in the world and it is those who get it first and harness better that will always come on top.

With a dedicated team of experienced journalists and editors in our newsroom, plus strong alliances with some of the biggest news agency in and outside Nigeria, we cover events, entertainment news in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Ogatv  news are verified and published after adequate checks by our professional  editors.