6 Fruits You Eat And May Not Know Their English Names


We may know them only with the common names which they are called. There are a whole lot of fruits in existence, some of them, we know their names, while we don’t know the English names of some. Fruits are a very essential part of our diet and should be inculcated into our meals all the time because of the health benefits we get from them.

1. The first Nigerian fruit we eat and may not know it’s English name is shown in the picture below:

The English name for this is called black Velvet tamarind, but commonly known in Nigeria as Icheku as the Igbos would call it and the Yorubas call it Awin. Even as kids then, we called it licky licky because it looks like some kind of candy when it is broken open. The photo below shows when the black Velvet tamarind is broken open

2. The second Nigerian fruit you may not know the English name is shown below

It is called tropical almond and can be found in many parts of southern Nigeria and even in the Eastern side of Nigeria. It is commonly called fruit. The unripe tropical almond looks like this below.

3. The third Nigerian fruit we would talk about is shown below

The English name is called Rose apple, but it is commonly called local apple and some people refer to it as Nigeria apple. Rose apple come in different colors like white color, or a combination of both white and pink colors as shown below

4. The fourth Nigerian fruits we probably did not know the English name is shown below

This is what is called African star apple in English. This fruit is successfully found in Nigeria. It is called agbalumo in Yoruba language and udara in the Igbo language. Although, some people call it cherry. When African star apple is opened, the inside looks like this below

5. Then, the fifth Nigerian fruit we would like to know the English name is also shown below

The English name for the fruit above is known as sweet sop/sugar apple. It has another specie which looks like this below

The street name for this beautiful fruit above is called “shawashop” instead of the correct name which is known as “sour sop”. When the sweet sop or sugar apple is broken open, it looks like this below

6. Finally, the last Nigerian fruit you may be interested to know it’s English name is the monkey Kola shown below

The monkey Kola fruit is a very popular African fruit and chewed by many people in Nigeria. When you break it open, it looks like this below

what others Fruits Do You Eat And May Not Know Their English Names?


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