5 Ways to Handle a Cheating Husband and Salvage Your Marriage


If you have been through the pains of your spouse/partner cheating on you, you will agree it can be one of the most painful experiences to go through. Your emotions get overwhelmed and you go through different phases of of emotions, from pains to anger at this betrayal.

For most women, their first reaction is usually one of shock as you come to realize tour relationship isn’t as perfect nor your man as infallible as you’d thought. You’d feel shocked that he could betray you so reply and easily that way then comes your reaction as you lash out and cause him as much pain as he caused you.

So lets check out this first step to handle this situations:

1. Take Out Time to Grieve and Work on Your Emotions 
A few women at this time try to be super woman and act like the cheating action didn’t hurt them. Doing so however, would be being untrue to yourself. Now, unless you have very little to no feelings for your partner, being cheated upon would hurt greatly. You’ve been betrayed in one of the worse possible ways and you are in your right to feel hurt and angry. Cry the pain out if you must. You have just been wounded emotionally and keeping the pains bottled inside will do you more harm than good.

However, give yourself a time-frame for your grieving and after this, reign-in on your emotions. You need to come to terms with what has happened and get your emotions settled.

2. Get Your Facts/ Proof 
Once your emotions are in check, you should proceed to get real, hard proof of your husband’s cheating. As women, we are blessed with an intuition that knows when something is wrong. Do not lash at your husband based on these suspicions. Go all-out and get your evidence of his cheating.

3. Confront Him 
With the proof in hand, confront him and tell him you know of his cheating. Give him a chance to explain his part to you (as hard as this is).

4. Make Him Earn Your Forgiveness 
Even after your husband has ended his affair, things will not immediately go back to the way they were. He has broken your trust and hurt you and has to work at earning your trust and forgiveness again.

Make him understand that getting the marriage back on track will be his sole duty.

5. Go For Counselling 

If you both are finding it hard to make the marriage work, even after your husband has tried to right things, then you might consider marriage counselling to work out these issues.

There are several good marriage counselors whose services you can consult in this regard.

Healing should be taken one step at a time and with continuous efforts, your marriage is sure to get right back on track.



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