Now in this generation, its hard to say a man or a woman will not cheat on each other, it only takes the grace if God. why it might be a little difficult for a married woman to show off while cheating, it is now ramper of men who are married that cheat, and also show off their concubines .
below are 12 unique rules to keep your husband:
1). Never pretend to be sick for the purpose of denying your husband sex. You must give it to him . Sex is very important to men.
2). Never raise your voice for any reason against your husband. Its a sign of disrespect.
3). Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses to your family and friends. It will bounce back on you.
4). Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them.
5). Never compare your husband to other men, you’ve no idea what their life is all about. If you attack his ego, his love for you will diminish.
6). Never forget that your husband married you, not your maid, do your duties.
7). Never assign anyone to give attention to your husband, people may do everything else but your husband is your own responsibility.
😎8. Never blame your husband if he comes back home empty handed. Rather encourage him.
9).Don’t associate with women who have a wrong mental attitude about marriage.
10).Don’t be too judgemental to your husband. No man wants a nagging wife.
11).Never allow your friends to be too close to your husband.
12).Never challenge your husband in front of the children. Wise women don’t do that.
Now if you are a married woman here please tell me a rule a man can use to keep his wife.
i certainly hope this rules help you… lets have you opinion in the comment box below.


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